Caterham Teases All-Electric Project V Show Car

Caterham Teases All-Electric Project V Show Car

Caterham Teases All-Electric Project V Show Car

Can Caterham’s Project V show car revolutionize the sports car industry with its electrifying performance and cutting-edge design?

Caterham is gearing up to unveil its highly-anticipated all-electric Project V show car on July 12, and as the excitement builds, the company has released yet another teaser.

Caterham Teases All-Electric Project V Show Car

Caterham’s upcoming Project V show car is set to bring a breath of fresh air to the British sports car scene. With a focus on the driver’s experience and a lightweight design, this new offering promises to be a thrilling ride for sports car enthusiasts.

The Project V is a departure from Caterham’s iconic open-top Seven, which has been around since 1957. This show car represents a completely new design language for the carmaker, marking a bold shift in their approach to car manufacturing.

Teaming up with renowned engineering and design firm Italdesign, Caterham has spared no effort in ensuring that the Project V is a true masterpiece. The show car is being manufactured at Italdesign’s headquarters in Turin, Italy, where meticulous attention to detail is being paid to every aspect of its design and construction.

A new teaser released by Caterham gives us a sneak peek at the Project V. Although the car is still in the shadows, we can make out the distinctive features of the front and rear. Thin LED headlights and large round tail lights are just a couple of the elements that add to the car’s allure and character.

While Caterham hasn’t revealed the specific details of the electric powertrain that will drive the Project V, they have made it clear that this is a statement of intent. This show car embodies the essence of a sports car with an electric powertrain, proving that innovation and performance can go hand in hand.

If the Project V becomes a reality and goes into production, it will join the ranks of the recently unveiled EV Seven in Caterham’s lineup. The EV Seven, despite its battery pack, manages to stay true to the lightweight philosophy of the brand, weighing in at less than 700kg and boasting a power-to-weight ratio of 245kW per tonne.

Powered by a bespoke version of Swindon Powertrain’s HPDE electric motor, the EV Seven delivers an impressive 179kW of power and 250Nm of torque, similar to its petrol-powered counterpart, the Seven 420. With an estimated 0-60mph time of just 4.0 seconds and a top speed of around 209 km/h, the EV Seven proves that electric cars can be just as thrilling as their petrol-powered counterparts.

With a 51kWh immersion-cooled battery and a usable capacity of 40kWh, the EV Seven concept offers a decent range and can be fast-charged up to speeds of 152kW. Caterham has shown its commitment to electric mobility, and with the Project V, they are taking it a step further by exploring new design territories.

It’s worth noting that Caterham has previously attempted to widen its product range beyond the Seven. In 2013, they introduced the Ford-powered AeroSeven Concept with the intention of putting it into production, but unfortunately, financial constraints led to the project being put on hold.

As the automotive industry embraces electrification, Caterham is stepping up to the challenge and embracing innovation. The all-electric Project V show car is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting future for this iconic sports car brand.

Caterham Teases All-Electric Project V Show Car

  • The Caterham Project V is a new design departure for the British carmaker
  • It is being made in partnership with Italdesign
  • The latest teaser reveals glimpses of the car’s front and rear
  • The electric powertrain details are yet to be disclosed

Caterham’s upcoming all-electric Project V show car is set to make a bold statement in the automotive world. With its driver-focused design and lightweight construction, this new addition to the British carmaker’s lineup is sure to turn heads. While specific details about the electric powertrain are still under wraps, the glimpses we have seen so far indicate that this car is a true work of art. Caterham’s commitment to electric mobility is further reinforced by the success of their EV Seven concept. The Project V represents a new era for the brand and an exciting step forward in their quest for innovation.

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