MG 3 Introduces Drive-Away Pricing for Petrol Models

MG 3 Introduces Drive-Away Pricing for Petrol Models

MG 3 Introduces Drive-Away Pricing for Petrol Models

Are you ready to experience the MG 3 revolution?

The new-generation MG 3 is shaking up the market with its drive-away pricing for petrol-powered models. With a strategic pricing adjustment, the Excite now starts at $24,990 drive-away, while the Essence is priced at $26,990 drive-away. This move offers savings of up to $1416 for MG 3 customers. Let’s dive into the details.

MG 3 Introduces Drive-Away Pricing for Petrol Models

The new-generation MG 3 has brought a fresh approach to pricing, making it more accessible for customers looking to purchase the petrol-powered versions. While still more expensive than its predecessor, the Chinese carmaker has taken steps to narrow the gap and offer a more enticing deal.

The Excite model, previously priced at $23,990 before on-road costs, now starts at $24,990 drive-away as part of the strategic pricing adjustment. For Essence customers, the price has gone from $25,990 before on-roads to $26,990 drive-away. This means that MG 3 Excite buyers can enjoy savings of $706 to $1332, while Essence customers can save $726 to $1416.

However, it’s important to note that hybrid models retain their original pricing. This means that the Excite and Essence hybrids are priced at $27,990 and $28,990 respectively, before on-road costs. While these models don’t benefit from the drive-away pricing, MG has made efforts to cater to those who have already purchased their MG 3s.

MG Motor Australia’s national sales manager, Brad Chruszcz, expressed the company’s commitment to providing customers with affordable options. He stated, ‘Customers like choice and we want them to be empowered to have the freedom to drive an affordable hatch.’ With the drive-away campaign, MG aims to give customers an opportunity to experience the next generation all new MG3 at an appealing price point just in time for the end of the financial year.

MG is mindful of their customers who may want to take advantage of the government’s asset write-offs. They have ensured they have plenty of stock ready for delivery. Additionally, for a limited time, the MG3 petrol variants will come with Brighton Blue Metallic paint at no extra cost. This is the most popular color among customers, and MG wants to treat them to a special offer.

For those who have already taken delivery of their MG 3s, MG will offer a rebate to acknowledge the new campaign and pricing adjustments. The company prioritizes the satisfaction of their customers and strives to provide the best value possible. With the new drive-away pricing and added incentives, MG hopes to create a positive experience for both new and existing customers.

While the new-generation MG 3 offers an exciting deal, MG still has supply of the outgoing generation of MG 3. These models are priced from $18,990 drive-away, offering an even more affordable option for those who are looking to purchase an MG 3.

In conclusion, the introduction of drive-away pricing for petrol models brings a significant shift in the MG 3’s pricing strategy. The Excite and Essence models can now be purchased at more attractive prices, with savings of up to $1416. With added incentives and rebates for existing customers, MG aims to provide excellent value and customer satisfaction. The opportunity to own the new-generation MG 3 at an affordable price is too good to miss. So, are you ready to experience the MG 3 revolution?

MG 3 Introduces Drive-Away Pricing for Petrol Models

  • The Excite and Essence models now have drive-away pricing for petrol-powered versions.
  • Savings of $706 to $1332 for Excite buyers and $726 to $1416 for Essence customers.
  • Hybrid models maintain their original pricing.
  • MG will compensate buyers who purchased their MG 3s before the drive-away pricing was introduced.

MG has introduced drive-away pricing for petrol-powered MG 3 models, making them more accessible and affordable. The Excite and Essence now start at $24,990 and $26,990 drive-away respectively, offering significant savings for customers. Hybrid models maintain their original pricing. MG will compensate those who have already purchased their MG 3s before the introduction of drive-away pricing. With this exciting offer, MG aims to empower customers and provide them with a compelling choice in the affordable hatchback market.

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