Ford Mustang Recall: Fuel Line Issue May Lead to Emissions Breach

Ford Mustang Recall: Fuel Line Issue May Lead to Emissions Breach

Ford Mustang Recall: Fuel Line Issue May Lead to Emissions Breach

Is your Mustang affected by this fuel line issue? Take action now to avoid potential emissions breaches.

Ford is taking action to rectify a fuel line issue in its Mustang, which could potentially cause the vehicle to breach emissions regulations. Although not a safety hazard, this defect has prompted a recall by the company.

Ford Mustang Recall: Fuel Line Issue May Lead to Emissions Breach

In a recent recall notice, Ford has identified a manufacturing defect in the low-pressure fuel delivery line of the Mustang. This defect may prevent the vehicle from meeting the required specifications, potentially leading to fuel evaporation outside the standards set by Emissions Control for Light Vehicles.

Despite the issue, Ford assures customers that there are no safety hazards associated with the recall and that the performance of the vehicle will not be affected. However, due to non-compliance with Australian Design Rule 79/04, the affected vehicles need to be rectified to meet emissions control standards.

A total of 610 vehicles, spanning the years 2021 to 2023, have been identified as being affected by this recall. If you own one of these vehicles, it is essential to contact a Ford dealership to arrange for the necessary rectification, which will be provided free of charge.

For any further questions or concerns regarding the recall, you can reach out to the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 13 36 73.

  • 610 vehicles from 2021 to 2023 are affected by the recall
  • Owners are advised to contact a Ford dealership for rectification
  • Ford Customer Relationship Centre can be reached for further inquiries

Ford takes the issue of emissions control seriously and is proactively addressing the fuel line defect in the Mustang. By promptly contacting a dealership to rectify the issue, affected owners can ensure their vehicle meets the required standards. Safety remains uncompromised in this recall.

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