Terrifying Dashcam Footage Captures Semi Truck Hanging off Bridge

Terrifying Dashcam Footage Captures Semi Truck Hanging off Bridge

Terrifying Dashcam Footage Captures Semi Truck Hanging off Bridge

Have you ever considered the split-second decisions that can dictate life or death on the road?

The world of dashcams has allowed us to witness more and more crashes, some of them absolutely harrowing. Recently, a video emerged showing a heart-stopping crash in the US, where a semi truck was left hanging off the side of a bridge for 45 minutes.

The terrifying incident unfolded on the Clark Memorial Bridge, connecting Kentucky and Indiana.

The dashcam footage, uploaded to YouTube by Indianapolis news station WTHR, shows the moment a truck driven by Sydney Thomas was struck by a pickup truck.

The pickup truck had swerved to avoid a stopped car, causing it to collide with the semi truck.

Despite Ms Thomas’ best efforts to steer away from danger, the damaged wheel of the truck sent it veering towards the edge of the bridge.

The truck crashed through a railing, but its trailer became jammed, preventing it from plunging into the Ohio River.

Unfortunately, this left Ms Thomas trapped inside the cabin for a terrifying 45 minutes.

Rescue crews had to work diligently to extract her from the truck.

Incredibly, from the moment of impact with the pickup truck to the truck hanging off the bridge, only five seconds had passed, highlighting the suddenness of accidents on the road.

The pickup truck driver, who was driving on a suspended license, now faces charges for his reckless driving.

Witnesses reported that the driver had been weaving through traffic prior to the crash, further exacerbating the dangerous situation.

  • Dashcam video captures moment semi truck is hit by a pickup truck
  • Truck crashes through railing but trailer prevents it from falling into the river
  • Driver trapped inside truck for 45 minutes before rescue
  • Pickup truck driver charged for reckless driving

This heart-stopping dashcam footage serves as a sobering reminder of the dangers we face on the roads. It is a testament to the importance of safe driving and the potential consequences of reckless behavior. Stay vigilant and remember, accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.

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