Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Technology Improves with Impressive Maneuvers in Manhattan Traffic

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Technology Improves with Impressive Maneuvers in Manhattan Traffic

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Technology Improves with Impressive Maneuvers in Manhattan Traffic

Are Tesla’s Full Self-Driving capabilities getting closer to the skills of a taxi cab driver?

Footage of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) tech version showcases its continued improvement.

Tesla's Full Self-Driving Technology Improves with Impressive Maneuvers in Manhattan Traffic

A YouTube user named FSD in NYC shared impressive footage of their Model Y using Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology in the bustling streets of midtown Manhattan during peak hour traffic. The car showcased its advanced capabilities by executing more complicated maneuvers, such as smoothly maneuvering around a turning vehicle that was blocking an intersection and deftly steering around an inconsiderate double parker. These impressive actions prove that Tesla’s FSD tech is constantly improving and inching closer to human-like behavior.

However, the footage also highlighted some instances where the FSD system displayed excessive caution or minor errors. For instance, the car occasionally waited slightly too long at green lights due to traffic on the other side of the intersection, and it dawdled through a couple of intersections. Additionally, there was a situation where the car turned too soon at an intersection, while a pedestrian was still crossing. Furthermore, the car faced difficulty when it got stuck on a pedestrian crossing after a traffic light turned red, and the driver noted that this had happened before in the same location during a previous drive.

Despite these minor setbacks, the driver only had to intervene a few times over the course of a 30-minute drive. They had to push the accelerator three times and took control of the car on a couple of occasions. There was also one instance where the driver had to re-engage the FSD system. It’s worth noting that being honked at a few times is not unusual in the bustling streets of New York City, but overall, the FSD system handled the challenging traffic conditions impressively.

“Would you say it’s getting pretty close to a taxi cab driver? I would say so, it’s very close,” shared FSD in NYC, highlighting the remarkable human-like behavior exhibited by Tesla’s FSD technology.

However, it’s important to mention that this impressive drive took place during clear weather conditions, without any rain or darkness. Tesla’s Full Self-Driving and Autopilot systems rely solely on cameras, as the brand’s vehicles no longer feature radar. They also do not incorporate LiDAR technology, which is used by other automakers like Mercedes-Benz and Chinese brands like Nio, XPeng, and Zeekr.

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving system is classified as a Level 2+ autonomous driving system and is not classified as a fully autonomous Level 5 system, as its name might suggest. Tesla emphasizes the need for active driver supervision while using the FSD system.

Compared to Tesla’s Autopilot, the Full Self-Driving system offers more comprehensive driver-assist features, including the ability to navigate city streets and make turns at intersections without driver input. It also responds to traffic lights and stop signs. While the Full Self-Driving capability is available outside of North America, it should be noted that in certain regions like Australia, vehicles with this option do not have auto-steer functionality, but they do receive traffic light and stop sign detection, which is not available in the Autopilot system. The Full Self-Driving option comes at a cost of $10,100 in Australia.

In conclusion, Tesla’s Full Self-Driving technology continues to evolve and impress with its ability to navigate complex traffic scenarios. While it exhibits occasional cautious behavior and minor glitches, it showcases remarkable human-like behavior, bringing it closer to the skills of a skilled taxi cab driver. However, it’s important to remember that active driver supervision is still required, and the technology is not yet classified as fully autonomous.

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Tesla's Full Self-Driving Technology Improves with Impressive Maneuvers in Manhattan Traffic

  • Model Y successfully navigates midtown Manhattan traffic during peak hour
  • Performs complicated maneuvers like maneuvering around a turning vehicle and avoiding a double parker
  • Sometimes exhibits caution, waiting excessively long at green lights
  • Experiences minor issues such as dawdling at intersections and turning too soon
  • Requires occasional intervention from the driver

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving technology demonstrates its prowess in maneuvering through Manhattan traffic, but caution and occasional intervention from the driver are still necessary.

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