Mazda Rides Wave of Success with Record Profits

Mazda Rides Wave of Success with Record Profits

Mazda Rides Wave of Success with Record Profits

How will Mazda’s shift toward electric vehicles shape the future of the automotive industry?

Mazda is experiencing a surge in profits thanks to the success of its new lineup, with the Japanese company recording its highest-ever earnings for the third quarter of the fiscal year. The popular CX-90 model is leading the way, particularly in the US market. If this trend continues, Mazda could end the fiscal year with record-breaking operating profit and net income figures. Let’s dive deeper into the numbers.

Mazda Rides Wave of Success with Record Profits

Mazda’s third-quarter operating profit witnessed a promising growth of 30% compared to the same period last fiscal year, reaching an impressive ¥70.6 billion (A$775 million). This significant boost can be attributed to two major factors. Firstly, an increase in sales of large products contributed ¥13.3 billion (approximately A$138 million) to the overall profit. Secondly, foreign exchange played a key role, with the weakening of the Japanese yen against the US dollar and Euro adding ¥15 billion (A$154 million).

The positive momentum continued with a notable rise in revenue, surging by 19% from approximately ¥1.054 trillion to ¥1.249 trillion (equivalent to A$10.8 billion and A$12.8 billion) in the third quarter of FY24 compared to FY23. In addition, net income more than tripled, reaching ¥57.4 billion (about A$590 million) compared to the previous year’s ¥17.7 billion (roughly A$182 million).

Looking ahead, Mazda has high expectations for its global sales performance in the current fiscal year, projecting a 16% increase compared to the previous year. The forecast predicts a total of 1.286 million units sold, with North America leading the way by accounting for 537,000 units, representing a significant 32% growth over the past fiscal year. Europe comes in second place with an estimated 20% increase, amounting to 193,000 sales. The Japanese market is expected to contribute 176,000 units.

Mazda is aiming for substantial growth in its operating income, anticipating a 76% surge to ¥250 billion (A$2.5 billion). The company also predicts a net income of ¥170 billion (A$1.7 billion), equivalent to a 19% increase. The accomplishment of these targets can be attributed to the successful integration of hybrid vehicles into Mazda’s product lineup.

According to Mazda’s Chief Financial Officer, Jeffrey Guyton, hybrids have become a game-changer for the company as it shifts towards electric vehicles. Hybrid cars strike a balance that appeals to consumers, especially with the declining hype around pure electric vehicles. As a result, Mazda is paying close attention to customer preferences while adhering to regulatory requirements.

The recently launched CX-90 model has proven to be a standout performer for Mazda. In the US market, sales of the CX-90 reached an impressive 30,821 units in 2023, capturing a segment share of four percent. This represents a significant increase compared to its predecessor, the CX-9, which held a 2.5 percent share. Despite not being on sale for the full year, the CX-90’s performance is exceptionally strong, generating double the profit of Mazda’s global average.

Looking towards the future, Mazda has ambitious plans to become a prominent player in the electric vehicle market. The company aims to introduce seven or eight fully electric models by 2030. To achieve this goal, Mazda has established a new division called e-Mazda, dedicated to developing, engineering, marketing, and selling these new electric cars. The first of these models is expected to debut between 2025 and 2027 and will be built on a new scalable architecture. The focus will primarily be on crossover vehicles, as small cars are considered too costly due to battery expenses.

Mazda Rides Wave of Success with Record Profits

  • Mazda’s operating profit rose by 30% in the third quarter compared to the same period last year.
  • Sales of large products and foreign exchange contributed significantly to the increase in profits.
  • Revenue increased by 19% in the third quarter of FY24 compared to FY23.
  • Net income more than tripled from the previous year.
  • Mazda expects a 16% increase in global sales for FY24, with North America leading the way.
  • Hybrids are playing a crucial role in Mazda’s success as the company transitions to electric vehicles.
  • The new CX-90 is off to a strong start, outperforming its predecessor.
  • Mazda is planning to introduce seven or eight fully electric models by 2030.

Mazda Rides Wave of Success with Record Profits

Mazda’s success story continues with record-breaking profits and strong sales performance. The company’s strategic integration of hybrid vehicles and its focus on customer preferences have played key roles in this achievement. With the impressive performance of the CX-90 and ambitious plans for electric vehicles, Mazda is poised for a bright future in the automotive industry. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from this Japanese automaker.

Mazda Rides Wave of Success with Record Profits
Mazda Rides Wave of Success with Record Profits

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