BMW Group Sets New Sales Records in 2023

BMW Group Sets New Sales Records in 2023

BMW Group Sets New Sales Records in 2023

What other milestones will the BMW Group achieve in the years to come?

The BMW Group has achieved impressive sales results in 2023, with the BMW brand and Rolls-Royce marque reaching new highs. Mini is also celebrating the success of its replacement models. Let’s dive into the numbers and see what contributed to these record-breaking achievements.

BMW Group Sets New Sales Records in 2023

BMW has secured its position as the leader in global luxury sales for 2023, with an impressive sales figure of 2,253,835 vehicles. This not only earns them the title of the global luxury sales crown but also represents an all-time sales record for the brand. While specific details about the popularity of models like the X1, 3 Series, and X3 are not provided, the company highlights their appeal to customers.

Rolls-Royce has also experienced success with its Cullinan crossover, which is reported as its most popular model. Following closely behind are the ‘entry-level’ Ghost sedan and the more expensive Phantom. A more detailed breakdown of sales figures for each model line will be available in the company’s annual report.

The M-branded models from BMW have contributed significantly to the overall sales performance. These models accounted for 202,530 units sold, representing 9.0% of all BMW sales in 2023. This marks the highest-ever figures for the M sub-brand and indicates a notable 14.3% increase in sales. The M range’s success can be attributed to its presence in various vehicle lines, including performance electric vehicles, as well as the introduction of the XM crossover.

The BMW Group’s commitment to electric vehicles is evident in the significant growth of pure electric vehicle (EV) sales across all three brands. In 2023, EV sales reached 376,183 units, marking a remarkable 74.4% increase from the previous year. EVs now make up 16.7% of the company’s total sales. The Mini brand contributed 45,261 EV sales, accounting for 15.3% of the brand’s overall sales. The upcoming launch of the electric Cooper hatch and the new electric Countryman models are expected to further drive Mini’s electric vehicle sales.

In addition to electric vehicles, the BMW Group also saw success in plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) sales, with a total of 190,303 units sold. When combined with EV sales, the group’s total electrified vehicle sales reached an impressive 566,586 units, showing a 30.6% increase from the previous year.

The BMW Group’s sales performance was notable across various regions. In Europe, sales reached 942,805 units, reflecting a 7.5% increase. China also saw a positive sales growth of 4.2%, with 824,932 units sold. The USA market showed a notable increase of 9.4%, with 395,741 units sold. Additionally, BMW experienced strong sales in its home market of Germany, selling 281,986 cars and seeing an impressive jump of 11.7%.

Overall, the BMW Group’s sales performance in 2023 has been exceptional, with new records set across different brands and regions. The continued focus on electric and hybrid vehicles, alongside the popularity of key models, has contributed to this success. It will be interesting to see how these achievements shape the future strategies of the BMW Group.

BMW Group Sets New Sales Records in 2023

  • BMW claims global luxury sales crown for 2023
  • Rolls-Royce reports highest sales for the Cullinan crossover
  • M models reach record-breaking figures
  • Electric vehicle sales show significant growth
  • Germany sees a jump in BMW sales

The BMW Group has made headlines with its outstanding sales performance in 2023. From securing the global luxury sales crown to breaking records with the Rolls-Royce Cullinan and M models, the group has showcased its ability to cater to diverse customer preferences. The growth of electric and hybrid vehicle sales, along with strong performances in Europe, China, the USA, and Germany, further highlight the group’s achievements. As we look ahead, it’s clear that the BMW Group will continue to innovate and inspire in the automotive industry.

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