Volkswagen Slashes Prices on Hot Hatch Golf GTI in Australia

Volkswagen Slashes Prices on Hot Hatch Golf GTI in Australia

Volkswagen Slashes Prices on Hot Hatch Golf GTI in Australia

Looking for an exhilarating driving experience without the hefty price tag? Why not consider the Volkswagen Golf GTI?

Volkswagen has made a surprising move by cutting the price of the latest Golf GTI in Australia, starting the first price cut since its launch in 2021. More stock of the popular hot hatch is on the way, and Volkswagen is offering a drive-away price of $55,490 until September 30, which is around $5000 lower than the previous sticker price.

Volkswagen Slashes Prices on Hot Hatch Golf GTI in Australia

Volkswagen is anticipating a good supply of the Golf GTI in the next few months, meaning that interested buyers should be able to find the car at dealerships.

Under the hood of the Golf GTI is a powerful turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, delivering 180kW of power and 370Nm of torque. The engine is paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and front-wheel drive, offering an exciting driving experience.

While the Golf GTI remains available, its more powerful sibling, the Golf R, and its direct competitor, the Hyundai i30 N, are facing significant waiting times due to high demand.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI is not the only hot hatch facing supply challenges in Australia. There are also long waits for other popular models such as the Honda Civic Type R, while the Ford Focus ST, Renault Megane RS, and Ford Fiesta ST are no longer available.

In the past, Volkswagen has introduced limited-edition models like the three-door GTI Original to keep the entry price of its hatchback low. However, the manual transmission option was discontinued with the Mk7.5 GTI, and the price of the Mk8 GTI exceeded $50,000 for the first time.

Overall, with this price reduction, Volkswagen aims to make the Golf GTI more accessible to buyers and offer a thrilling driving experience without breaking the bank.

Volkswagen Slashes Prices on Hot Hatch Golf GTI in Australia

  • Volkswagen reduces price of Golf GTI in Australia for the first time since launch
  • More stock of the hot hatch is expected to arrive in the third quarter of 2023
  • Customers can take advantage of a drive-away price of $55,490 until September 30
  • The latest Golf GTI comes with a turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine
  • Other hot hatches like the Golf R and Hyundai i30 N have significant waiting lists

Volkswagen has decided to lower the price of the Golf GTI in Australia, making it a more tempting choice for hot hatch enthusiasts. With its powerful engine, sporty design, and now more affordable price tag, the Golf GTI is set to attract attention. So, if you’re in the market for a hot hatch, now might be the perfect time to check out the latest Golf GTI.

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