4 years ago

Well that didn't really go to plan for EITHER of them!
Thanks MotorsportsTV for the clip.

What people are saying about this...

  Lost a wheel, spun around, saved the spin, crossed the finish line first. Top that.

  My question is why did both accidents happen exactly at the same time?

  Right lane still won. He stayed in his lane and finished the race. Not fast but he crossed the line.

  Flavien Pongratz du coup qui gagne ? un a plus de roue et luatre son moteur est dead :)

  Tmw you just want to read the comments but you're to early

  It looked briefly like the explosion blew the 2nd dragster side ways

  Blows engine still wins other guy crossed the line lol

  Morgan Taylor when we race the golfs

  Hikmet Can sind noch heil aus der Sache raus gekommen

  Wonder how far the tire went before it stopped?

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