4 years ago

"Grip Lock" the original deterrent for motorcycle theft..

Reduce the chances of having your pride and joy stolen these holidays.

Now on sale!! -----> https://goo.gl/Pdgie8

What people are saying about this...

  That's why there called "deterrents" and not "anti theft" people!! Guarantee 2 bikes parked, the one without it goes 1st. Thieves don't wanna spend more time than necessary!

  There is a much easier solution on a motorcycle. Release the Banjo, with a 12mm spanner half a turn and brakes no longer work. Of you go.

  1) nick the front brake line; 2) loosen the brake lever clamp and bob's your uncle

  They will just pick the bike up and wheel it into a trailer then remove the lock later

  Jason Merhej nabbech 3leya coz akid 3ala el link le 3amlinlo share ha22a be se3er moto :p

  snip the brake cable and push it into a open position and the thief is off. Thief then uses foot brake until they buy a new handy.

  Most new motorcycles come with locks built in, keeps the handlebars locked in same position

  If someone really wants your bike they WILL get it... that's why I have insurance lol

  Kryptonite lock works better for motorcycles. Stop the rear wheel

  Mine works like it is meant to. If you havnt tried it then dont down it.

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