4 years ago

I've always wanted to do this!! :O
Thanks Matija Podhraski-stunt rider for the clip :)

What people are saying about this...

  What kind of motor is that running sounds a lil like my cbr900rr super kart and i have frunt brake set up to as u realy need it lol

  We used to do that around our subdivision before it was all built up but ours was the kind with the big bogger tires and it never went that fast. Think we topped out about 35 mph.

  Lol you have always wanted to do what street FX? Ride around the block on a go kart

  I've got a bike but I don't think it is as fun as one of these Garrett Owens

  Schon ein geiles Teil ! Aber nicht so toll innerorts so schnell ...

  S jvla mktigt! Kolla bilden p frsta kommentaren ocks Hedi

  Eai q tal uns 80 CV no kart!! Pooww s faltou um padleshift, bora fazer um com motor de Hornet Matheus Ribeiro Nikolas Chaves

  Why not isle of man tt these badasses. Make a different class

  Kasper Martin tnkt at bygge sdan en

  You'd be right in about that Sandy boy ae haha

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