4 years ago

Talk about a close call!!
Courtesy of MotorsportsTV

What people are saying about this...

  Accurate depiction of my friends and I driving to get food after leaving the club

  Fck that guy he can move his ass outta the way himself.drivers strapped in that cheese wire fencing at the end was a flashback from FINAL DESTINATION

  Robert Sztender andere schraube an den auenboarder und dann geht das auch so ab

  Cody Rayburn we were just talking about this the other day watch the passengers hand. They are telling the driver where to go

  Tu ma co-pilot comme a a un moment de la rando non? Mdr LoLouis Baduel

  Julien Descamps putain si tu fais pas confiance ton copilote t'es mort

  Branden Adam be sick to passenger these

  Danny Nguyen Jesse Mars Trung Tang when you n your boy got the munchies but Wendys closes in 15 mins...

  John Vermeulen Patrick Hogerbrug... stukje door de biesbosch.. ik neem bier mee haha

  Albrand, je vond die motorboot van de week wel gaaf toch? Nou, zo kan het ook :-P

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