4 years ago

He definitely pranked his dad good in this one haha.

Credit: Maxman.tv

What people are saying about this...

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  That's not a prank. You cant call that a prank because there is no "GOT EM'" moment. This is just being a duck to your father

  He straight-up sounds like an elf. I guarantee you he's got the Keebler plug

  Amber Stephens How i feel like i would feel if i were to get in a car and you drive me somewhere

  Dylan lol poor guy gonna have a heart attack hah

  Lol Lawton Rude was this your mom's reaction when you drifted last winter?

  Cathal Dobbin this like Garie when u take him out a spin

  Patty what would u do if I do this to you..? agahahahaha

  Tim Lumpkin. Don't know if you'd react like this guy, or be cheering. Either way would be funny.

  Karl Bramley this is pretty crack up hahaha see his dads reactions.

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