4 years ago

hahaha these young dudes

What people are saying about this...

  So fake. The chavs just happen to start walking the other way and conveniently stand at a puddle, total set up

  That would have been so much better if there was some broken bones involved

  PRICK ah hahahah. then the engine cuts out due to sucking in water, then desperately trying to start it as they run up the road

  Did the walking dudes also turn around coz they heading the same way as the car when the car turned also.. and so good of them to go on the sidewalk now.. nah fake but still funny

  Michael Young think the wheel brace would of been out

  Rune Karoline Kasper kunne ligne os nr vi var p tur i regn vejr

  Do you really need a whole click bait article describing what happens on a 1 minute video?

  Jakob Schrmann, die konnten was unternehmen.. :)

  That would have been so much better if this video wasn't fake.

  Aerone Mabait Kosta Misopapas Same kind of thing happened to me and 8 other kids today lol

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