4 years ago

Oh those mall crawlers.

What people are saying about this...

  Ya nobody wearing 100 dollar shoes doesn't know what an exhaust pipe is . And how does he know those were brake pads really lmao

  Joseph John Hoffee why do I feel like this is every ford owner lmao

  Florentina Boroica Iti dau tag pentru ca nu ti-am dat demult, am gasit un om mai pasionat ca mine!!!

  I didn't realize how many people think this guy is serious. C'mon now he is just some dude that made a video for gags.

  This guy reminds me of that Honda guy ( Fat Bitches ) prefer the Honda guy...

  This guy is a very good actor or he's going to be in a lot of trouble if daddy let's him out alone it that thing pmsl

  Daniel Konrad bische dir so vorkomm als der anner losgeleht hat

  Vince allez c'est toi quand ton pre il te fait un virement pour payer ton toy ptdr

  Leigh Cooper and Jamie Cooper how I sound trying to talk cars with you guys

  Kevin Lorenz Manuel Hartl Fabi An kennen wir doch noch wen wo genauso gut bescheid wei oder

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