4 years ago

Either the dude in the Audi is mad, or just don't know how to drive... or maybe both?

What people are saying about this...

  So in that short video he took a perfectly driveable car and totalled it with rear and front quarter damage. Oh and hurt his ego

  Christian Efraim elafros metaxeirismeno file...eukairia to vrhka apo enan sto xwrio pantremenos me 2 paidia to evgaze kana savvato k an....to edwse gt den eixe xrono na to xarei....

  The vodka (or whatever he's been swilling) made him "strong. Strong like bull" I have no idea what nationality this yahoo is,but I sure like him. Never a dull moment down on the farm. Yeehaw motha [email protected]$?s.

  This has to be one the most useless and pointless videos out there!!!!!

  Olha quando nego no tem o que fazer olha a cacada Wagner Nene

  That tractor did not even havento run to win. Just sit cause it would not move

  Fetter Spasst! Gebt ihn euch, watt stimmt mit Ihm nicht WWinton VoKKevin Holste

  Reagan Harris watch the beginning and then skip to 2:25 he's so mad haha

  Is this the same dude that smashed it against a pole doing donuts? Poor S8

  No one is gonna comment how the cameraman lost connection for a moment

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