4 years ago

This person is having fun sliding all around on the street.

What people are saying about this...

  Derek Foster.. Reminds me of your 350 Z lol and your truck smh

  This person should loose his Iicense forever !! He could have killed quite a few persons with that driving !!

  If i was a cop even i would sit back and enjoy the show lol.

  Me leaving work on Friday knowing we be racing this weekend

  George Gianni can yous do that with me in the back

  Jordan Lytle Jabe Gilbreath found jordan when he gets his camaro goin

  Aaron Ploughtrain Stedman that will be you once u get the wagon going

  Skills lol even a tight 360. Having fun.

  Lol I could see u doin this Jeremy

  Corentin Alain yen a qui s'amuse bien

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