4 years ago


What people are saying about this...

  It's like a Segway, but for men. And why the hell is he not wearing a shiny green outfit? You had one chance to be the Green goblin and you blew it.

  People can barely control a vechicle. I can only imagine what idots would do with this!

  This is frickin awesome I can finally leave my house to get some hot cheetos without wasting gas lol

  I believe good video editing is at work here...Zapata Sport won't give any technical details most likely cause they know they'll be ridiculed

  I like how those trees happen to be right in the way, that's what gives needed depth perception to make it look real, those trees are fake, and the flying man is fake, until he gets into focus, then he is on wires, wires taken out later in editing

  People. This is real. Been in development for years and years. There are other similar prototypes by competing companies. Do your research before making ignorant comments about them removing wires lol

  I love when someone points out logically and sound reasons it can't work and is fake that the reply of the believers is "go to the website, there are other videos which prove it's real" So if this video is edited, why couldn't any other be??? With CGI tech you can make believable transformers and space men, "more videos" isn't proof!!! lol

  I like to go over the comment section sometimes. Makes me feel really great seeing the amount of stupid people can gather. To all of you morons claiming that it's fake : -This is the Flyboard, it's still under development and is propelled by Kerosene mini Jet engines. -The pilot testing it in this video is no one less but it's creator, Francky Zapatta. -This prototype has been a highly controversial subject in the past year with both army and French government, at some point was nearly thrown in jail (which didn't happen) and all they wanted him to do after that is test it in a cage over a government controlled airfield. People. Stop being so much ignorant. You are trying to gather your moment of social recognition by claiming fake and whatsoever. Document yourself before looking stupid to the eyes of all.

  Fake as hell. Fly anywhere close to a beach w the thrust required and you will be tossing up a dust trail. This? Not so much.

  Daniel, Komm schnall dir mal kurz ne Packung Treibstoff aufn Rcken und zwei Turbinen an die Fe! Sieht voll harmlos aus... Kann doch nix schief gehen...

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