4 years ago

How it feels when that turbo kicks in haha.

What people are saying about this...

  Here's how it's really done boys ;) with one more gear to go and about 2500rpm left in that gear haha

  My 87 Nissan micra's speedo use to go all the way around aswell

  Cameron Hodgskin Jack Davis I swear it done this last night when I left the servo near home

  Fake video... Just watch the odo, for the speed it shoots the odometer should sprint like anything

  Laurens Erwin klopt wel ongeveer met de puno?

  David Barrera Fuentes this happened to me in crystal but it's only stock

  Rodrigo Ferreira ser que tem fora (e ser que gira) esse motor?

  SaLem A AL-Mseadaeen haha I Think u gonna like this one af man

  That thing is broken. It went from 180mph to zero really fast!!!

  Ferney Riko Carlos Ortiz Astrid Mesa John Csar Garca asi es cuando a rico le da por correr en el swift :D

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