4 years ago

Here is one way to fix your bent wheel I suppose. :P

What people are saying about this...

  I trust that about as much as I trust a drunk girl at a bar saying she's on the pill.

  Probably cheaper and safer to buy a new one .. as at the end of the day it's the only thing keeping you on the road .. and may have stress damage and hair line fractures in it

  No thanks, I would not put a straightened mag rim on my family car then drive the kids to school! There will be microscopic fractures in that rim which could propagate over time and lead to failure. Also where do insurance firms stand on straightened wheels?

  This is completely illegal. A rim with structural damage is then weakened to be destroyed. Shocked by incompetence, these idiots should have been punished.

  Yeah I hit a curb at 50 ish kph... blew a tire entirely, and flattened another... broke part of my front right rim off... Got it repaired fortunately, but still...

  En un aro blando funciona en uno duro no y segn se ve esta calentado dems ese aro no vuelve aser ms aro le quitaron el temple de esto yo si se

  I see a lot of people attended FB college and graduated with a cert in engineering.

  Very clever! Think I would prefer to replace though, if x rayed, it's got a million tiny cracks!

  I just use my Sledge hammer to fix my rims when i bend one lol

  It is going to ebay after this...

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