4 years ago

Sketchy police chase going on here. Looks like the cop won in the end though. :P

What people are saying about this...

  Snotty nosed punk ass kid putting peoples lives in danger needed his ass whipped like his parents Should have done in the first place.

  US cop would give up and stop for a donut 10 seconds in, then shoot some innocent, unarmed black kid later to get it out of his system.

  Obviously not American police. No assault even for an extended chase.

  Now that's who u call a real cop , this cop didn't want to give up for shyt! Good skills by cop

  Damn, graphics in GTA still improving! Press X to continue from safehouse!

  here in the U.S. they would have just let him go instead of a chase that intense

  Fake!!!! Police don't ride around with out gloves on ffs.

  I was hoping the bitch would crash .. ..i wouldn't blame the officer if he beat the punk ass unconscious

  Dam amazing neither one of them didn't crash

  Radek Korzeniewski dobry gosc na tym pizdziku czego on probowal? ;D ale szlo mu zsjebiscie xd

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