4 years ago

Definitely not this guys first time doing a wheelie!

What people are saying about this...

  At least two Punks on bikes, one filming and one riding a wheelie. Another case of, "if a cop arrests these two idiots the cops are the bad guy" I say B.S.! wreckless driving , endangerment, crossing over yellow line, Passing in a no passing zone, not stopping at two red lights and on and on and on. Lock em up Dano! These guys need at least six months in a prison that makes prisoners work.... Suspend license for at least two years. Wise up slackers, This isn't a Mel Gibson post apocalyptic world, yet... but it certainly is headed that way.

  Mads Frederik Hansen meget godt klaret af en nybegynder

  Curlo Matt skills on the way home from work

  Great way to become an organ donor

  Roman Kostal kannst das auch schon ?

  Marius Malmbekk her har du standardn du har oppn fr det bi hst

  ..fast,furious n dangerous..he he..

  Rasmus Rassi det m vre en udfordring

  Hansel Garcia mira otravez este wey!!!!

  Reminds me of Kuwait :) Salem Sabah ALRumaid

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