4 years ago

What do you guys think about this Camaro?

What people are saying about this...

  The Car looks stunning minus the wheels, Never understood, why people put crap, over sized, modern chrome wheels on classics.

  Looks sharp, hopefully it is a real SYC Yenko . The rims are a bad choice.

  Every time I look at a Camero I think of a mullet machine!!!Lol

  Beautiful car, terrible wheels on the classic design mirrors and exhaust system. Just as he put rear spoiler on Corvette C1

  Stphane Bull Brub La on jase camaro en tabarnak

  Omg I love it, my dream muscle car

  Filex putin le bruit terrible !!!

  It would pull off a lot faster if the rims would smaller

  Would be nice if it had big boy rims on it

  Dream car, if only these was available in the uk

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