May 3rd 2017 at 10:12pm


  I don't care how gay it looks there aren't more than a handful of men in the world that focused,and disciplined that could even come close t o doing something like that. Not. To mention the strength and training that went into it.

  I love how the only ones mentioning how gay this is are men commenting. Almost makes me wonder if they them selves are not comfortable with their own sexuality so they put down someone else's. This was excellent, wish I could do it myself.

  Nicole Kyle I feel like when that guy did the handstand on his head he was in severe pain. I mean look at his face

  GOLDEN BUZZER!!!!!!Send them STRAIGHT to the FINALS. That's intense body strength and trust in your partner. #Goals lol

  You don't have to be gay to appreciate wonderful talent,training and strength. To look at this as only being gay may mean you have some hidden talent you don't want to get out. I was amazed at their talent.

  If your main focus was "oh this is gay" I'm sure you was meat watching or you're gay yourself . I was amazed and focus about the talent. The whole time I was like WTF and how

  Keosha Potts Kadija Beal Evonne Gill I'm sorry but I don't trust nobody enough for this

  Martin Polkowski at first i was like ehhh.... then i was like eff that and now im just in denial. I could barely keep my arms straight and legs straight when i was trying to lift you hehehe

  Now that's talent!!! Wish they would do a got talent with no singers, there are enough singing contests we need more shows just for acts. So we can see all the weird and amazing talents people have!

  That guys neck is made of cast iron Jesus lol, raw show of incredible balance and strength, highly doubt most of these haters could even try something that difficult without a severe injury.

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