4 years ago

This is why Ceramic Disc Brakes are stupidly expensive

If you pay enough attention, you'll know that supercars typically use ceramic composite materials in their disc brakes. 

If you've wondered why, than the simple answer is that they withstand a lot more heat than cast iron and steel disc brake systems, which effectively means that ceramic brakes can stop you harder and last a lot longer

Ever felt a spongy brake pedal? No? You haven't lived life yet!

But... why not use them in road going cars if they last longer and work better?

Well, it's because they literally cost one hundred times as much to make - insane right? 

But if you watch the video below, you'll get a better understanding of what's invovled in making these mystical discs only experienced by those lucky enough to drive a supercar. 

There is a more practical reason not to use these on a normal car though; when they're cold, they squeak and squeel and offer really poor braking performance until they're heated up. 

Not so good in traffic on a winters morning...