5 years ago

The blank canvas car rig that transforms into ANY car with CG

Ever wondered how a bulky 4x4 in a car commercial can handle like a go kart? 

Wonder no more! Check this out, it's a "blank canvas" rig that can be transformed into any car with CGI. 

Has to be seen to be beleived, and the video at the bottom of page helps put it all together :D

It's known as "The Blackbird" by The Mill and it's freaking awesome.

I don't know about you, but I've often seen bulky 4x4 cars handling like a dream on TV and thought "oh come on, how can it handle like that?!". 

This car is tricked up to handle like a dream. 


Next time you see a boat driving around on TV performing like an Ariel Atom, well... it was probably due to technology like this and not suspension tweaks and good driving skills :D

Well that's one of lifes mysteries resolved.