7 days ago

This Honda ROLLS OUT!
Video from Tyson S.

What people are saying about this...

  Imagine getting caught by police while speeding over 200 kmh Officer: Do you know how fast you were going sir? "The car showing I was at about 10-15 kmh officer"....

  Yan Leduc-demers avoue t bande fait pense mon skidoo j'avais 0 100 3sec 160 au fond j'avoue c'tait cool mais c'tait un skidoo je comprend ton trip mais sa plus l'air a du n'importe quoi hahahahah

  Antonio Sokol znaci ovo kad gledas znas da je moguce al izgleda nerealno kad zamislis kolko on zapravo preleti u tu sec bkt sa 100 na 180 u 0.5s

  Michael Makeham remember how you were asking about this happening? Here you go

  4.4 final ratio. Can be improved by tire profile or quality n front down force.

  when you car originally imported from japan. and you get stock cluster.. but no speed cut..

  Scrapanese guages are very inaccurate!

  When you buy your gauge from China

  Nils Chiibre alors il monte un combien ?

  Should do this to your Honda Joseph Hartnett

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