6 days ago

Yup... The gas pedal still works.

What people are saying about this...

  The only thing going on is the guy is nervous..I was like this my first few races at the track..my leg wouldn't stop shaking..LOL #nerves

  Zoky eee ovako e ti sad xD HAHAHAHAHA Mateo Luka koji od vas dvojice je ivcaniji xD HAHAHAHAHHA

  Eddi der hat aufjedenfall ein ruhigen Fu

  Oguzhan Egemen Eren buraya kadar km lan kfjldsklfjdskjlfds

  Wtf is happening to him, speed demons possessing him?

  Steven Molenkamp van scooter naar de auto als je weet wie ik bedoel hahahaha

  I may only be a EMT but that's one hell of a Parkinson's case

  Mustafa c'est sa que je te disais la il fait de la musique aq

  Sammy in your car Cheng if he drives it

  Hobel... kolla p videon, tysta ner videon samtidigt som du lyssnar p dendr gendo gendo lten frn nyrsafton.

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