6 days ago

Due to the media's inconsistent and unreliable portrayal of the Pitbull, they are now portrayed as horrible, violent and a aggressive dog breed to the public. We wanted to conduct a social experiment to see how the Pitbull has been impacted over the years. Watch how the public reacts when I walk a Pitbull compared to a Australian Shepherd. IS IT THE BREED? OR THE OWNER?

What people are saying about this...

  As a pitty owner I have dealt with breed discrimination many times. It's a part of being an owner of these breeds. From people walking down the street to land lords not renting to people with "aggressive breeds." This is why I make sure that my dog is well trained, obedient and loving. It is for her protection. Well that and of course I love her to death.

  Makes me sad to think of naivety of people all dog breeds should be loved and respected any dog is capable of being aggressive in most cases it's not the dog that's at fault it's the owner .

  would rather cuddle with the pitbull myself. have never met one that was aggressive.

  This is sad. People to get their heads out of their asses,it's not the breed it's how you raise them

  I own a pit and she is the sweetest dog in the world

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