6 days ago

Who's drinking this weekend?

What people are saying about this...

  This can't be its clearly water nobody cant do this without even coughing

  Rem when we almost use to do shiz like this Kerry Baptiste lil less dramatic tho lol

  Mrti Suhoparovs shis ir Rihards pieliekot punktu savam kjermenis pirms jaiet pie dakteriem

  Selina Chiara Modna machen wir mit hugo morgen auch oder?

  Le jour o je finirais ma sche je serais comme a Alex Lupo

  Prab Kaur Kaila basically you before Holy Goof

  Amine fouu9ach sewertii had l video a sahbii ? Ga3ma geltiiha liyaa

  Super surprised this dude still has a liver

  water....thnx 4 drinking a full bottle of water

  Luca De Amicis danach erst mal kotzen

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