While taking our Tesla Model S for it's first drive, we wanted to play with a few features people had told us about, and video how to access them.. In this vid
Who needs a boat when you have a Traxxas Xmaxx?
Someone might have went a tad overboard with the explosives....
Workouts on the Treadmill
TAG an Italian!
When you buddy in jail has more food than you..... smh
If this doesn't turn you on, I don't know what will!
What the hell is that?
Don't try this at home!
This is so me!
Try this Full-Body Workout
Love this kid!
Women are always jumping to conclusions...
Love me a gold pistol.
Of course we bring protection! ;)
Pole Dance Killer
Some people should stay away from guns. :P
Lots of gun action in this movie!
Fat burning workouts
This Shelby GT500 screams!
This gun has some kick!